Frequently asked Questions

Most Common

I always get these messages...
1) Can you clear my wl?

Not to be mean but if you have never talked to me before plz don't message me asking for gifts. (Even if you're offering a shout out). It feels pretty rude as a first message to someone... Also I get multiple messages like this every day and if I constantly gave out free stuff to complete strangers every time they asked I would have no credits left so yeah XD.

2) Can you be my gf?

No I'm taken srry!

3) Can you send me your badge?

Please check my badges tab for a list of which badges I have and what you gotta do to get them! Thanks :3

4) Are you the same person I talked to today...?

I get a lot of messages from people who think I'm someone else! I know IMVU has nicknames now and a lot of peoples' nicknames are "Ava" so be careful to check the actual username before sending a message! (I have gotten some really crazy messages because of this haha XD)

Creator Questions

Questions specifically related to creating...
1) What other products are in your product icon?

I have gotten this question a few times. i.e what head/skin are you using in the hair product icon? Tbh usually I will not know because the product is so old and I just forget! But if I do know then I will let you know!

2) Can I get a refund?

A few people have asked me this after buying a product without trying it because it isn't what they thought. Fair question but FYI creators don't get all of the credits you pay for an item. (For me I only get a tiny amount of profit off of each item). So giving a full refund means that we're just giving away our own credits :/ make sure you try before you buy!