a b o u t
So you want to know more, huh?
Here's a little about me...

I see you've made it this far, you curious weirdo. Anyway, there's not really much to learn about me and I'm fairly certain all my friends can vouch for me when I say this.

I hope you find the rest a tiny bit interesting.

I'm Anne, a 21-year-old law student currently living in the UK, and a year-old badger. My favourite colour is orange, and my favourite animals are pandas and rabbits. I love collecting postcards and writing letters an incredible amount. I'm a Leo if that matters, and I love my friends. I like the beach, and I love collecting seashells. Admittedly, I like collecting things. I love art and I also collect badges on here. I have a family... and I'm really running out of things to say now. I'm currently having fun at home, chatting with friends on Discord in different servers primarily.

If there's something in particular you want to know, you can always just ask me.