f . a . q .
Okay, so they're not asked THAT often.

Q) Can I add/invite you?
A) Sure, but I may not accept.

Q) Who made your display/profile picture?
A) I use different pictures from time to time, so your best bet is to send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Q) Who made your homepage?
A) Gothlly on Art Haven and IMVU did!

Q) Do you make/sell badges on IMVU?
A) Oh my God, I'm so glad you asked that! Yes, I do. ;) And you can find them in my shop here: https://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=154514111 or by clicking on my 'products' to the right.

Q) When will your badges be made?
A) Always during a badge sale if I have the necessary credits/money. Please be patient with me because I generally self-fund them and they're quite expensive (a single 20x20 tile costs 45,000 credits for VIPs during a 50% badge sale). You can always ask for updates by messaging me!

Q) Can I pay via direct transfer/live chat/PayPal for badges?
A) Absolutely, just message me before you do so I can confirm the details first, please!

Q) Can I buy your badges with promo(tional) credits?
A) No. I don't actually get those promotional credits because they're not real credits, and that means I can't use them to make badges. Buying my badges with promo credits will result in you not getting the badge nor a refund, I'm sorry.

Q) Are your badges gift and receive?
A) So far, all of my badges are gift and receive, other than my badge VIP! This means that if you gift the sticker to someone, both you and the recipient will get the badge when made. Yes, this does apply when you DT/LC/PP, just make sure to send me the username you would like to gift it to.

Q) Do you have any offers for your badges?
A) Yep! I'm currently selling all made badges for $50 (you get all my made badges), one-year badge VIP for $75 (you get all the badges I make in the coming year), and lifetime badge VIP for $250 (you get all made badges and any badges I make in the future). Please message me if you're interested!

Q) Will you gift me?
A) Possibly, depending on if we're friends and/or if I want to.

Q) Will you send me credits?
A) Probably not, unless I feel there's a reason I would like to. Please consider the fact that I'm a broke child.

Q) Will you click this hack link?
A) No, zzz. I'll report your message and hopefully get you banned though.